Power requirements: 220 V – 50 Hz (adjustable).

Electrical consumption: 45 KWH/day per ton of output capacity.

Water consumption: 2,300 liters/24 Hrs per ton of output capacity.

Seed input: 140 Kgs/day per ton of output capacity.


  • Adjustments to local power specifications can be made if required.   
  • On spots where electricity is not available, a power generator can be used. The power of such a generator is of 15 KVA per ton of output capacity, revolving at 3000 R.P.M. For areas where power cut-offs are frequent, such a generator is equipped with an automatic take-over switch.   
  • In countries faced with high voltage variations (10-15%), a voltage stabiliser should be required.
  • AGROTECH BELGIUM has also developed an option of a Fresh Fodder Factory operated by solar energy.                                             
Preliminary inspection on a possible site for a Fresh Fodder Factory by Alain Humbeek, President of Agrotech Belgium, arousing keen interest of the local population.