The daily ration of GERM fodder is essential to reach zootechnical performances, while the role of traditional feeding that completes this fundamental ration is principally to fill the stomach of the animal by giving weight and volume to the feed intake.

Zootechnical performances of the GERM fodder are characterized by:

  • increase of milk production
  • acceleration of fattening process
  • better reproductive performances
  • better resistance to diseases
  • better taste of milk and by-products
  • etc.

Results of the GERM green grass are explained by the particularly high content of vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates.

Feeding milch cows, feeding beef for fattening, feeding goats, feeding sheep, feeding racing-horses, feeding camels and feeding many other animals: all this requires highly nutritive feeding and expertise to optimize performances.Although the concept is simple, optimal results are achieved through the adoption of a combination of technological equipments specially designed by Agrotech Belgium, professional management and strict adherence to system procedures. Therefore, we will be glad to discuss with your zootechnician to determine the most efficient feeding pattern for your farm animals. On the client's request, we can be entrusted with the search and selection of qualified specialists in his country or abroad to run the Fresh Fodder Factory in a professional way.  We give also an adequate on-site training for optimal results.